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"How did I get here? Why don't I have a parachute?! Am I going to die?!?" 

Try to buy yourself time to ponder the answers to these questions by smacking into anything that can slow your fall as you hurtle towards the earth.

A team game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 50 (20th Anniversary).


Aim of the game: Keep yourself in the air as long as possible. Crash into different objects during your descent to keep yourself afloat as much as possible and aim for the longest time possible.


WASD Keys or Arrow Keys to move player.

Space Bar to accelerate descent.


AIRTIME! (Windows) 51 MB

Install instructions

Download. Unzip. Enjoy!

Development log


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Oooooeeee I sure can't wait to pulverize my bones into jelly oooooeeee


11/10 I hit the ground and broke my ankles. Definitely not a developer nosiree.